What Can Be Done If The Roommate Does Not Pay Rent

People are often too excited when they have to move to new apartments that their judgment gets clouded. If somebody is taking the pressure of finding some living arrangement, then he may also fail in fully considering roommate’s choice, whether it is some stranger or friend. Having a wrong roommate in the apartment rentals with you can sometimes cause many issues like the failure of rental payment. If the roommate you have in your apartment with you has decided not to pay monthly rent, there are several options that you can take to get out of such situation.

First of all you should determine the situation of your roommate. If the roommate you have doesn’t pay the rent then before removing him/her, you must determine their situation. Think about the cause for which the roommate is failing to pay his monthly rent and that whether it’s for long term or just for the short term. Depending on the character of the roommate as well as the time you have known them, think about giving them some time to get things back on track. The living situation should never jeopardize by not meeting the rent obligations that you have on you. Make sure that you’re financially stable enough to shoulder the rent share of your roommate.

In case if the roommate living with you in Mobile Alabama apartments says no to paying rent, you should discuss this situation with the landlord and, if allowed by landlord, the roommate can be given 15-30 days for leaving the apartment. In case if the landlord wants, you can ask him to evict the roommate formally if needed. The roommate should be explained that when evicted formally, they’ll be getting a negative impact on their ability to get new apartments. In case if the roommate is some sub-tenant and he’s not on the lease then discuss the matter with the police and find a way out of the situation, you are facing.

In case if both of you are co-tenants in the lease of the apartments for rent AL, both of you are equally liable to pay the rent. And, in case if you are unable to pay the rent collectively then you both may be evicted by the landlord. Sometimes, the residential leases contain something that outlines steps that should be followed in case if the roommate stops to pay the rent. Sometimes, it is also allowed to substitute somebody else instead of you but make sure that the landlord agrees on this point.

If the roommate is co-tenant and he refuses to move out of the apartment, then the landlord is the only party who can continue with the eviction process. Eviction laws can also be different in different states.

So, you have to consider all the options available to you and should get to a decision that doesn’t harm you both.

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