By | November 23, 2018

The roommates who aren’t listed on rental or lease agreement are often regarded as the subletters or subtenants. Though such tenants often do not have many restrictions to face as with the tenants who are on long-term lease, these people do not always have protections against the termination of the tenancy as well as evictions which is often the case with the tenants who have written leases and rental agreements. When knowing the rights of roommates who’re not on the lease, one should first understand that apartment renters can be of two types, Subtenants, and Master Tenant.

The subtenant is the one who rents space from some tenant with signed rental agreement or lease with the owner of the property. It is the responsibility of subtenant to pay rent to an actual tenant on the lease, who will pay the rent to the landlord. Usually, subtenants don’t deal with the landlord directly. However, it is necessary to inform the landlord about subletting the unit.

In a relationship where mobile Alabama apartments are being sublet, the master tenant’s role is taken by the one to whom the apartment is being rented and who has signed the lease agreement with the landlord. It is possible for master tenants to sublet completely the unit or just opt to sublet a room or portion of the apartment and start living with the roommates. Master tenant takes rent from the subtenant and can any time terminate the stay of the roommate as per the appropriate legal procedures.

In certain areas, it is the right of subtenants to know what actual rent is being charged by the landlord, and they’re only subjected to pay a fair amount of the rent as well as the expenses.

The roommates who may not be the part of the lease must ask their master tenants to see the copy of the original lease for their mobile apartments. In case if the actual lease agreement prohibits subletting, roommates might not have any protection under the government act of tenant rights for a city or state. In this situation, they will be vulnerable to speedy eviction and may not file any charges against the master tenant.

In case if subtenant isn’t the part of the actual lease, the state law can enable actual tenant who has signed the lease agreement with the landlord to evict his subtenant. However, it will still be necessary for an original tenant to follow proper procedure for eviction as mandated by the law of the city as well as the state. There are certain places where subtenants may have to face eviction on same grounds that may be required to evict any standard tenant whereas in other areas subtenants can have to face an eviction for literally any possible reason.

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