By | November 23, 2018

It can be one wonderful experience to live with the roommates as many of them turn in your lifelong friends. But it should also be kept clear in your mind that disaster may hit you when there is a conflict situation that you may face with the roommate and what makes it worse is the situation when both the parties are unable to get to a resolution. In order to avoid such situations you must address all your conflicts in healthy and productive way.

The first thing you should do to resolve your conflicts when living with roommates in apartments in Alabama is to set time for the discussion. More often than not, in such situations, roommates don’t talk to one another. It is also possible for them to talk slightly but not saying more than just few words every time they may come across one another. Whatever the case be, you need to make sure that you sit and discuss the issue with your roommate. This way both the roommates can have some time for preparing for discussion and sort out their issues.

Make sure that rules should first be established for having such a discussion. Prior to starting it, set up a guide or some rules to carry out this discussion. For instance, one roommate can be allowed to talk about one grievance in one go and then give the other a chance for responding to the first one before moving onto the other. When the roommates living in mobile Alabama apartments set prior rules it prevents any fights during the discussion and they know that they’ll be given a chance to deliver their view.

The roommate conflicts may not get resolved if one of the roommates is not participating in the discussion honestly. It is possible that this can lead to one getting hurt while discussing what bothers him. But things can certainly change if both the parties know how other roommate feels.

When solving your conflicts with roommates in mobile apartments, try to point out the things that are good about the other roommate. This discussion can very well be used for this purpose and you can tell them what their specific things or traits are that you love the most. Though it may not resolve your conflict, it will still help you in making the other person more receptive to your thoughts and they’ll try to understand you better.

In the end, you should come to a written agreement with the roommate. After airing the grievances that both parties may have, developing this agreement will help to avoid bad things in future. The agreement must include the rules that both the parties will have to abide by and you should post this in your common space to make sure both of you see it every now and then.

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